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Personal Injury claim

Our Personal Injury Lawyers are on hand to give you all the help you need. We will get you fair compensation and take the stress and worry out of dealing with your personal injury compensation claim. We have vast experience dealing with all types of accident and injury claims.


The term relates to an injury whether physical or psychological that has been caused to a person by the negligence of another party. With negligence you have to prove that the third party has done something or failed to do something which has caused that injury. if that can be proven then compensation may be due. 


Look through the list for more information, don’t worry if you've had an accident that isn't listed there, just call us and we will discuss whether you can make a claim. To check whether you will be able to make a claim quickly and easily, if the answer to the 3 following questions is YES then you can make a claim!

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CALL US FREE ON 0330 1000 737

No Win No Fee Guaranteed!

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CALL US FREE ON 0330 1000 737

No Win No Fee Guaranteed!

Your personal injury claim

What to expect during your personal injury claim process. 

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Personal Injury

case studies and updates

Published on: 11/07/2018

Facial and head injury

Our client who suffered facial injuries as a result of an accident at work received £4,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement.

Mrs W was working at a bakery carrying out her usual duties which she had done for many years. However, on this particular day workmen were carrying out repairs to the premises where Mrs W worked. Her employers had not advised her to work in a different area or to take extra care while the work was being carried out and through no fault of her own one of the workmen carrying a long plank suddenly hit our client. As a result she received facial injuries and a head injury and decided to seek legal advice regarding compensation for personal injury.

YES Personal Injury Lawyers successfully won the case against the defendant’s insurer, liability for Mrs W’s accident was admitted and Mrs W received over £4,000.00 compensation.

Published on: 06/06/2018

Slips, trips and falls

Here are two examples of Yes personal injury lawyers winning compensation for their clients who were injured as a result of a fall which was not their fault.

Caution: Slippery When Wet

Our client suffered a significant injury when she was out with friends after work at a bar restaurant in London and she slipped upon a wet floor within the restrooms. The restaurant had failed to carry out any inspection and checks of the floors which our client then slipped on. As a result of her fall she broke her leg in 3 places and had to wear a plaster cast and use crutches.  Our team successfully sued the bar restaurant and secured over £50,000.00 compensation for the client.

trip to the optician

Yes personal injury lawyers were contacted by a client when she was injured whilst visiting the opticians. Our client fell at the opticians as a result of dangerous steps and matting within the premises. The opticians initially denied liability for the accident but we successfully turned the case around forcing the defendant to concede liability and, therefore, winning the case for Mrs S and securing over £7,000.00 in compensation for the injury to her wrist.

Published on: 09/05/2018

£8,000 Settlement agreed for client involved in road traffic accident

YES Personal injury Lawyers acted for a client who was crashed into by a van that pulled out from a school’s driveway. As a result of our work she was able to claim back the costs of the treatment she needed and received £8,000 in compensation.

YES Personal Injury Lawyers acted for a lady who was involved in a road traffic accident. The vehicle she was driving was crashed into by a van that pulled out from a school’s driveway. She sustained a dislocated shoulder, significant bruising to the bottom of her back, whiplash and headaches.

The other party’s insurers originally denied liability for the accident but we managed to settle the case and they agreed to pay compensation upon receipt of medical reports proving the cause of our client’s injuries. We arranged for our client to attend a medical examination with a Doctor that we use and trust who produced a medical report detailing pre-accident medical history, the injuries sustained as a result of the accident, treatment received and her present condition.

 The medical report confirmed that the injuries were a result of the collision and we agreed to settle the case for the sum of £8,000 in compensation.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t hesitate to contact us on 03301 000 737. 

Published on: 04/05/2018

Yes Personal Injury Lawyers win £9,000 Compensation for client

Our client suffered multiple injuries as a result of a car crash. We acted on his behalf and he received £9,000 in compensation.

YES Personal Injury Lawyers recently acted for a man on a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement who was involved in a car crash when another driver failed to give way at a roundabout. Our client suffered multiple injuries as a result of the crash and his car needed significant repairs. Yes PI arranged for the other driver’s insurers to make a quick payment so our client could have his vehicle repaired. As a result of his injuries our client needed significant medical attention which was enough to persuade the insurers to make an offer of £9,000 in compensation which was then accepted by our client.

Our client was very happy with the outcome and relieved to receive this level of compensation. If you have had a similar accident, please do not hesitate to contact Yes Personal Injury Lawyers on 03301 000 737.

Published on: 12/01/2018

Attitudes towards personal injury claims is driven by insurers

Millions of pounds in compensation is unclaimed every year due to the image of personal injury compensation.

According to YouGov research into the personal injury market, as many as one in four adults have suffered from a personal injury or accident in the last five years but only 20% have chosen to actually make a claim.

The report highlights the public’s compound attitudes toward the personal injury market. While a significant number recognise that without the help of the legal professional and “no win, no fee” agreements insurers would try to avoid paying out for legitimate claims, there is a perception that the number of claims are getting out of hand.

Adele Whitfield, Partner at Yes Personal Injury Lawyers  comments; “The perception that we are living in a litigious society is driven by the UK’s big insurance companies who contest the very idea of personal injury compensation.”

The principal reason given for not making a claim was that  injured people didn’t feel their injury was bad enough to warrant it. Adele continues “If someone is injured through no fault of their own they should obtain medical advice before deciding whether or not to make a claim as people often under estimate the long-term effects of an injury”.

The second biggest reason for not making a personal injury claim was that some injured people  do not believe in claiming compensation. Commenting on this Adele said “This attitude is supported by the media who publish stories of false claims and so-called ‘compensation culture’ but I have acted for many genuine injury victims and I can’t imagine any of them would challenge the right to seek justice”.

Adele can be contacted on 01484 821348 or at adelewhitfield@yespi.co.uk

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