Catastrophic Injuries

Most personal injury claims could be considered fairly routine but there are cases where the damage is far more serious and where you may end up needing treatment and care for the rest of your life. Although rare these situations do arise and if so it is crucial that you speak to an expert in this field. At "YES personal injury solicitors we have many years’ experience of dealing with these type of injuries with a great track record of success, so call us today to discuss your case further.

Success Stories

Mr T

Mr T is a client who we have successfully won damages for as a result of a devastating car crash. He was a passenger in a car had overturned resulting the fractures to his arms, legs, skull and face, and alas a degree of brain damage. Part of the arrangements we secured for him were interim payments allowing specialist rehabilitation treatment culminating in a very large settlement which at least allows him independent living while he continues his recovery.

YES Personal Injury

personal injury solicitors acted for the family of a man who was left permanently disabled in a motorway accident after a lorry had collided with his motorbike. The family were dependant on his income and despite the accident the £250,000 compensation which we recovered made life a little easier.