We understand how a burn injury can be particularly unpleasant as they are so painful and potentially disfiguring. If you have been burned in an accident, whether a car accident, an accident at work or whilst at leisure, the team at "YES ensure that you receive appropriate assessment as well as compensation. Contact "YES now to review your case.

Success Stories

Mr G

Our client had tripped at work and fallen onto an unguarded electric fire resulting in serious burns to his face and arms. After three operations for skin grafts he is still left a poor functioning hand and permanent facial scarring. He is unable to work and has little potential earning capacity in the future so his compensation award of £215,000 will help make life a little more comfortable.

Mr W

Mr W, was a process worker at a London chemical plant who suffered distressing burns to his legs and lower back after a chemical spillage. After a long and thorough investigation his employer was found liable for the injury due to improper working practices and due to our client needing cosmetic surgery and lengthy period of rehabilitation he was award £72,000 as compensation.