Personal Injury Claims

Unfortunately an accident can happen to anyone. Whether you have been injured in a road traffic accident, while at work, shopping or anywhere else, Personal Injury Lawyers can help. We will get you fair compensation and take the stress and worry out of dealing with your personal injury compensation claim.

Why Choose YES Personal Injury Lawyers?

  • We are always on your side
  • We will get you fair compensation
  • We will do all we can to help you make a speedy recovery
  • You will have one specialist Personal Injury Lawyer working for you
  • We are upfront about costs including no win no fee arrangements
  • We have a team of specialist Personal Injury Lawyers, including members accredited to the Law Society Personal Injury Panel

Will It Cost Me?

  • There is nothing to pay up front or throughout the claim
  • We enter into a No Win No Fee agreement with you
  • If you win the claim you pay a success fee of no more than 25% of your compensation.
  • If your claim is unsuccessful there will be nothing to pay

Success Stories

Mrs L

Our client, Mrs L, had an accident whilst attending a theatre in London. When walking away from her seat a loose protective strip at the edge of a step caused her to trip and fall over resulting in a broken arm. We pursued here case and as a result the theatre admitted liability at she was awarded £4,500 in damages.

Mrs N

Mrs N suffered injury when she fell on a defective paving stone whilst she was walking to her local shops. She suffered a broken hip and had to endure a long period of incapacitation following an operation. She was looked after by members of her family and we claimed for the cost of that care and assistance as part of the claim. Mrs N recovered £22,000 in compensation.