Brain Injuries

Brain injury cases often involve quite devastating injuries which can have a profound and life-changing effect on the injured person and also on their families.  These claims are substantial and can be complex. They need to be dealt with by an experienced solicitor which we at "YES have available to help you. In these cases much of the claim will be devoted to securing the future financial care and support that the you will need.

Success Stories

Mrs D

Our client Mrs D was seriously injured in a car accident when the driver overtook and hit another car, resulting in a fractured skull and minor brain damage. She needed several months of work and still continues to receive treatment several years after the accident. proved that the driver was at fault and she was awarded £48,000 which helps to fund her on-going medical treatment.

Mr S

Mr S was a farm worker who fell while working on the roof of a farm building resulting in a serious and life changing head injury. Due to totally inadequate working conditions and a lack of training we successfully proved his employers were responsible for the accident. As he will need care for the rest of his life and will not be able to work again the compensation in the region of £400,000 will help a great deal towards this.