Whiplash Injuries

This is a neck injury which occurs from a sudden movement of the head which in turn then overstretches the ligaments in the neck. There are many resulting symptoms from this which can appear quickly or over a longer period of time from dizziness and stiffness through to headaches and intense pain. If you are looking for compensation for your whiplash injury we can help you get back to normal, financially and physically. Call us now for a no obligation chat.

Success Stories

Whiplash Claims

A large number of Yes Personal Injury clients suffer whiplash in road traffic accidents, generally when the car behind fails to stop and crashes into the rear of the car they are travelling in. The amount of compensation depends on the severity of the pain and how long it lasts, but typically awards of £3250 are made plus losses and expenses.

Miss M

Miss M, our client, while driving through a supermarket car park was hit by another car resulting in her head been thrown from side to side. After initially thinking nothing was wrong she later suffered considerable discomfort which was diagnosed as a whiplash injury. Only painkillers and long term physiotherapy have helped which has cost time and money. We made a claim on her behalf and negotiated a settlement of £3250 for her injury.