Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) are unfortunately all too common. The injuries suffered can range from very minor to extremely serious, including death. At "YES we have a dedicated team who make the claims for all those who have suffered the more minor injuries and whose compensation will probably be less than £10,000. By specializing like this we are able to ensure we deliver an efficient service to all our clients who have suffered a personal injury. Call now to claim.

Success Stories

Mr G

Our client, Mr G, came to for advice after his car was hit by another car when it reversed out of a drive into his, resulting in damage to the car and some bruising for our client. We quickly established who was at fault and the case was settled with compensation paid out

Family A

Compensation for a family involved in a road accident included payments to the mother for whip-lash injuries, a payment into trust for a toddler injured in the same accident and payment to include compensation for the depression and other expenses, all of which totalled many thousands of pounds.Most cases are dealt with by negotiation and settlement, but some do go to court