Head Injuries

A head injury can have a profound and life-changing effect, not only for the injured person but also for their families.  These claims are substantial and can be complex. They need to be dealt with by an experienced solicitor which we at "YES have available to help you. In these cases much of the claim will be devoted to securing the future financial care and support that you will need.

Success Stories

Mr M

Our client, Mr M, has spent 12 months in hospital with a severe head injury after falling at work from a scaffolding platform which collapsed due to too much weight being placed on it. He has lost the ability to walk properly and will never be able to work again and after a long fight against the employer the compensation award of £750,000 will ensure he receives the medical care he will need for the rest of his life.

Master C

Master C was a pedestrian crossing a road on a zebra crossing when he was knocked over by a car. In the accident he suffered a broken leg and a fractured skull. He also suffered psychologically. We were able to organisecounseling and physiotherapy treatment for our young client, which was funded by the Defendant’s insurance company. The child was awarded £13,000 and this money was placed in a trust fund until he reaches 18.