Cosmetic Surgery Problems

Sub-standard or negligent cosmetic or plastic surgery treatments can unfortunately happen which lead many people to an experience that can be very painful and costly. If you have had problems and feel that you have been a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence then contact the team at "YES personal injury solicitors to discuss your claim

Success Stories

YES Personal Injury

We had a client who had attended a cosmetic surgery clinic for a number of skin treatment sessions. The final session however was not preformed corrected resulting in severe blistering to her skin, and as a result of this she has been left with permanent scarring. After extensive work we have proved that excessive treatment was administered resulting in a substantial pay-out for our client.

Mrs L

After an appendix operation Mrs L continued to suffer with unexplained abdominal pain, which lasted for nearly a year until a 3cm piece of plastic medical equipment was removed through surgery. The result was compensation of £12,000 plus a further £7,000 for financial loss